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Économie de votre temps et argent

We invite you make a profitability calculation in order to verify what your company could save.

Our customers confirm saving  % of time by using one of our estimating software. Imagine your scenario !

In order to integrate your data in the present analysis, we invite you to complete the four (4) following fields:


Weekly hours worked by the estimator




Amount of annual sales of the estimator




Average profit rate of your projects (ex: 15 for 15%)




Cost of the General Estimatorsoftware or MySoft for user licence, including training.




The results of your company are:


You can immediately profit from hours/week.

Therefore, if the estimator obtains yearly contracts for $ $, from now on, with the use of the General Estimator or Mysoft, you will be able, with the same effort, to increase your sales of $, multiplied by your profit rate of %.

You will then be able to generate an additional profit of $.


Your firm is able to amortize its investment by :


Calculated on the additional profit (working days) days.


You will never find a better way to make your time and your firm more profitable.

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