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The GENERAL ESTIMATOR is the estimating software specifically designed for contractors and construction professionals.It will help you prepare your estimates quickly and easily in accordance to your needs.

Features • Functions by version

Features Invitation to tender Bronze Silver Silver plus Gold
Industry - Applicability   Insurance Renovation Residential ICI / CIV
Integrated "copy" and "save as" functions
User management and network setup
Available as network version, single or multiple concurrent/read only users
Manage by execution phases (separate prices)  
Database of interested parties and database import (owner, architect, engineers and tarde contractors).

Incorporated filters for geographic zones and selection of specialities.

Printing of one or all lists of interested parties as "wysiwyg".
Module - Import (integrated)  
Module - LeCatalogue (over 8500 items with material, labourand sub-trades prices)**
Total cost for each specification section    
Module - Calculations sheet. Extension and conversion of quantities. Regrouping of materials by line (assembly)  
Module - Quantity take-off. Estimating by item or assembly with advanced formulas      
Module - Subs Bid Analysis    
Tab -Work log (calculates time spent on the project)  
Module - Invitation to tender * * *
Module - Project schedule and list of disbursements     * *
Module - Comparison (allows a comparison of up to five projects at the same time)     * *
Tab - Cost distribution     * *
Tab - Cost breakdown by section showing amounts for labour, material, sub, profit, administration, taxes and insurance     * *
Tab - Verification for omissions    
Manage configuration parameters (by default)  
Interface with accounting software  
Integrated calculator for math operations and conversions in quantity and cost field  
List of access points to job sites  
List of materials  
Estimation reports (detail & summary)  
Report to client    
Interface with digital files - ePlan Takeoff   * * *
Interface with a digitizer - tPlan Takeoff   * * *
Suggestion of version          
Contractor - damage repair        
Contractor - renovation        
Contractor - residential      
Contractor - commercial        

* Individual modules (à la carte)

As your company grows, it is possible to upgrade to a more advance version. The cost of the original version will be deducted from the cost of the more advanced version.