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Les Services Informatisés and professor Jean Paradis, P.Eng. from L'École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS), Montreal.

The firm « Les Services Informatisés » is proud to announce that The General Estimator has been chosen by professor Jean Paradis, P.Eng. from l'École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) as the estimating software used for construction estimating courses.

Therefore, The General Estimator is integrated into the educational program and is now the school's reference software for construction estimating workshops.
Our firm, Les Services Informatisés, is very happy to have attained the goal of participating in such a project, and we take this opportunity to offer such collaboration to all teaching establishments.

This software, in constant evolution, wants to be the answer to the needs of all construction professionals as its development is based on criteria and requirements from estimators and other professionals of the industry.

We take this opportunity to welcome all future graduates to the construction industry and wish them the best of success.

Bernard Lavoie

These are some pictures of the classroom of professor Jean Paradis during our visit to L'École de technologie supérieure :

Dans les classes de L'ETS - 1   Dans les classes de L'ETS - 2   Dans les classes de L'ETS - 3   Dans les classes de L'ETS - 4   Dans les classes de L'ETS - 5   Dans les classes de L'ETS - 6

Please do not hesitate to visit the website of L'École de technologie supérieure.

L'École de technologie supérieure

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